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Ca' Rezzonico

This baroque palace, one of the few open to the public, hosts from 1934 the Museum of Eighteenth-Century Venice. It was started by Longhena in 1667, but the funds of the family Bon, who had commissioned, died before it was started in the second floor. In 1712, after the death of Longhena, the palace is not yet terminated was bought by the Rezzonico, a family of merchants of Genoa. A good part of their fortune was used in the purchase, construction and decoration of the building.
In 1888 it was bought by the poet Robert Browning and his son Pen. The attraction of the palace is today the ballroom of Giorgio Massari. Three rooms, between the ballroom and the Grand Canal, have ceilings with frescoes by Tiepolo.
The Paintings of the eighteenth century occupy the piano nobile. One room is dedicated to portraits of Venetian life of Pietro Longhi. You should also see the reduced (1748), and the Parlatolo delle Monache at San Zaccaria (1768) by Francesco Guardi, and one of the few paintings by Canaletto present in Venice, the view of Rio dei Mendicanti (1725). Here you will find the charming series of frescoes performed by Giandomenico Tiepolo for his villa in Zianigo