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Royal Palace

Since the XI century the site was the seat of the municipal institutions. It was then embellished by Azzone Visconti who over the years 1330-36 did decorate d distinguished artists including Giotto.

The transfer of the Viscontea residence gave beginning to decadence of the building.

The current neoclassic dates back to 1778. Of the interior little survives due to the bombing of 1943. In 1920, King Vittorio Emanuele III  bestowed it to the Municipality of Milan, who uses it still as offices, exhibitions and museums including the CIMAC Civic (the Museum of Contemporary Art).

Located on the second floor, the CIMAC includes large works only partially  exposed. 
The visit is divided into two sections: the first traces the path of Italian art from the beginning of the century to the second world war, with artists such as Boccioni, Balla, ropes, Sironi, Modigliani, De Chirico, Morandi, Carrà, Martini and fountain. The second to the right of the entrance, documents the painting from the 1950 s to the 1980s, with works of

Burri, Piero Manzoni, Tancredi, widow and comprises the collection Jucker donated in 1992: a comparison between Italian and foreign artists (Klee, Matisse, Picasso, Kandinskij) in the years of the First World War.