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The Spedale degli Innocenti

In 1419 the Art of Silk decided the acquisition of land and the construction of a hospital which is intended to accommodate the "gettatelli", or "innocent", i.e. abandoned children. Brunelleschi, which were entrusted the work, designed the building and together vincolò the appearance that would have taken the square in front of it through the elaboration of a porch that, for ratios and proportions, involved the coherence of all structures that there would be fate. And an example of how the criterion of "design" renaissance wentround sosti in glazed earthenware by Andrea della Robbia (1487). Inside are two cloisters brunelleschiani of extraordinary simplicity and elegance and a collection of works mostly 1300s. Between the main paintings of the collection are to be mentioned: a Annunciazio by Giovanni del Biondo; the Madonna with Child and Saints by Piero di Cosimo; theAdoration of the Magi, Ghirlandaio (1488); a Madonna with Child and Angels, the school of Perugino; the Madonna degli Innocenti, attributed to Pontormo.