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San Lorenzo

Ancient basilica, consecrated in 393 by S. Ambrose, was probably the first church in the city. Redone already in the XI century, was radically renewed in XV on the initiative of the Medici, of which was a little the family church. The large, bright and elegant interior is a masterpiece of the early Florentine Renaissance: due to Brunelleschi, which he had designed in 1420 and directed the work from 1442 to his death (1446), is a Latin cross, in three naves with lateral Cappelletto. Numerous masterpieces that there are preserved; among these: two pulpits bronze Donatellunettoni and in the pendentives (4 with stories of St. John the Evangelist and 4 with the Evangelists) are of Donatello, which are also the two bronze doors beside the altar and a nice fictile bust of S. Lorenzo, in the center of the chapel, under a large slab of marble is the tomb of Giovanni di Bicci  dei Medici and Piccarda Bueri, parents of Cosimo the Elder, Andrea Cavalcanti (1434); the left wall, framed in a great arc, is the tomb of Piero the Gouty and Giovanni dei Medici, the sons of Cosimo the Elder, performed by Andrea del Verrocchio, perhaps with the help of the twenties Leonar­do da Vinci (1472).