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Piazza della Signoria

The last stretch of Via Calzaiuoli opens directly in Piazza Signoria. In Roman times the area that today is the civic center of the city was occupied by common houses and the theater. At the end of the '200 the area was inserted into the great plan of ristrutturazio¬ne urbanism entrusted to Arnolfo di Cambio; these did confiscate and destroy the homes of families ghibelline that there stood and began the construction of Palazzo Vecchio. Since then the piazza was the theater of public prayers, ceremonies, gatherings, riots and pubbli¬that executions; famous one of Gerolamo Savonarola, preaches¬tore that was for a short time arbitrator of the political life of the city that excommunicated, was burned at the stake as a heretic , 23 May 1498, at the point indicated today by a plaque in front of the Fountain of Neptune. In the XIV century it is erected the Loggia, gothic; in front of Palazzo Vecchio arose in the Nineteenth Century a palace of renaissance style; on the side opposite the loggia are at n5 the Alberto Della Ragione Collection (Italian works of art both ranea) and at n. 7 The Palazzo Uguccioni (performed on a design by Michelangelo or Raphael); on the east side is the Court of Mercatanzia, built in 1359.