Florence > Orsanmichele


The religious pole (piazza del Duomo) and civil one of Florence (Piazza della Signoria) are connected together by way of the Calzaiuo, elegant streets and animated, flanked by beautiful shops. In the track you lever the mole squared Orsanmichele, building rose for civil use which was then transformed into a church. In the garden of the monastery of San Michele (from which the name), the Florentine Republic in 1284 he built by Arnolfo a loggia for the collection and the storage of grain. This, destroyed by a fire in 1304, was rebuilt between 1337 and 1404 by Francesco Talenti, Neri di Fioravante in lean and ornate forms of Gothic "flower". The warehouses were placed on the two upper floors, wheat descended to the loggia below (then open) through the supporting pillars and exited from the recirculation louvers still visible. The external decoration was contracted out to the various arts towns, each had a tabernacle with the coat of arms and the statue of the patron saint. Among the sculptures are considerable: the Baptist and S. Matthew of Ghiberti the S. Giorgio di Donatello (the original is located at the Bargello) and the classical style Four Saints crowned by Nanni di Banco. The interior has two naves with high cross vaults; in the right aisle is the tabernacle by Andrea Orcagna (1359): great gothic aedicule cuspidata, has the base adorned with reliefs with stories of the Virgin and encloses the Madonna delle Grazie, painting by Bernardo Daddi (1347).