Taxi in Rome: prices, phone numbers and info

Private taxis and official taxis

The official taxis of Roma Capitale are white and have the word "taxi" on the roof.
On the counters there is the writing "Roma Capitale"

Private taxis in Rome are identified as NCC, Noleggio Con Conducente.
Telephone numbers and fares are different from those of official taxis.
Ask for the fare before going up.

Official taxi rates
The rate of official taxis is regulated by the Municipality of Rome
In addition to the fare related to the race there is a fixed departure fee equal to:
€ 3  on weekdays between 6 am and 10 pm,
€ 4,5 on public holidays between 6 am and 10 pm
€ 6.5 per night from 22 to 6.

The rate is for a maximum of 4 people. One more person provides a further charge of 1 euro.
If you use the radiotaxi, 3.5 euros will be added to the rate.
The first piece of luggage is included. Over the first 1 euro per baggage

In addition to the urban areas, there are rides that include an all-inclusive rate to the main airports.

From / To Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo da Vinci)

Rome Center (inside the Aurelian Walls): € 48.00
Castello della Magliana - Parco dei Medici: € 30.00
New Fiera di Roma: € 25.00
Ciampino Airport: € 50.00
Tiburtina Station: € 55.00
Ostiense Station: € 45.00
Civitavecchia Port: € 120.00

From / To Ciampino Airport (G.B.Pastine)
Rome Center (inside the Aurelian Walls): € 30.00

Tiburtina Station: € 35.00
Ostiense Station: € 30.00
Fiumicino Airport: € 50.00

Take a Taxi in Rome

Go to a Taxi station.
In Rome there are around 65 and the best known are:
Largo di Torre Argentina
Piazza Fiume
Venice plaza
Piazza Belli (Trastevere)
Piazzale Ostiense
Piazza San Silvestro (Trevi Fountain)
Piazza dei Cinquecento (Termini Station)
Piazzale Tiburtina Station
Lido di Ostia station
Piazza Risorgimento (Vatican)
If the location is empty, you can call 06 0609 of the Rome Capital Taxi service

If you want you can use the Radiotaxi service of one of the various cooperatives:
Radiotaxi (06 3570)
Tiber (06 4157)
The Capital (06 4994)
Rome Radio Taxi (06 6645)
Samarkand (06 5551)
Radiotaxi (06 8822)
Taxi Ostia Lido (06 5601646).