"Aqua Fiugi"

The water that break the stone.
All is born from the water. A small hot spring attracted, just in the Middle Eve, the Pope Bonifacio VIII cares , for example. He was born in Ciociaria, and knew so well that hot spring and frequently attended it. It found 187 orders of di payment to finance the travels of this Pope to Anticoli di Campagna, old name of the modern Fiuggi.

The Fiuggi thermal complex extends it under the town, plunged in chetnut, pines, oaks woods. It is composed by 2 hydrothermal factories : Bonifacio VIII Hot spring and Anticolana Hot spring. The first was built at begin of the century , in elegant liberty style , remaining to day only the suggestive Hall. In the years '60, the internal structure was all remaked by architect Moretti, mixing important hard structures with luxuriant vegetation. Bonifacio VIII Hot spring is the place of the true cure, the cure to do in the early morning fasting. To his drinking fountains, hundreds in the green or in the cover sides, can drink at the same time 25.000 peoples.

Anticolana Hot spring, named also "new Hot spring" for opening in the years '30, is fequented during the afternoon. Situed in excellent side, it offers to the Guests less drinking fountains, but, more, wanderfool walks in gardens and tree boulevards in the big Park. Between silvery citrons, sequoias and few kind of flowers, Guest can enjois with tennis, bowls, and pich and put. Hot Spring Theatre shelters every year important music shows and culturals events of ramarkable prestige.

Edited by A.S.T. I. F. Azienda Speciale Terme e Imbottigliamento del Comune di Fiuggi