Therapeutic Property

The Fiuggi waters do their therapeutic actions in few directions.
The Waters cause ejection of renal calculus and prevent their forming. They are particulary advisable before surgical operation for urinary calculosis and post-operation treatment.
They are effective cure to urinary system infections, and, aging on metabolism of uric acid, support gout treatment and uratic arthropy. Also if the Fiuggi water is bottled and distributed in all Italy, the best way to benefit from it is to drink it directly in the hot spring.
Tere are many reasons for curing "in side" : first of all, a style of life care to the Fiuggi's Guests .
The rest, regular life, walks, the strict diet are important aspects that favourite a general wellbeing action and add themselves to the specify water property.
Cure cycle in Fiuggi' Spa must during 12 - 15 days, a correct period, in hydic - salty metabolism, for specify reaction to alla hydropic cure.
Doses are defined from the doctor, but usually the water must be drunk in the morning fasting and, if it is necessary, also in the afternoon, after digestion.
Between few glasses it is very helpful to walk, because a light motion supports renal sprinkling of diuresis.