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Stromboli is the northern of Eolie islands (38 48' lat. N. and 16 15' long. E. from Greenwich). Its extension is kmq 12.6, its highest mountain is m.924 (Vancori). Stromboli has 500 inhabitants, mainly operating in the activity of tourism, business, building (eolian architecture), fishing. Stromboli is the only active vulcano island of the Eolian archipelago.
Eruptions date since several millenium and they are frequent and visible also from the sea.
Stromboli has several wonderful beaches of black sand, small creeks sourrended by the black lave nicely shaped by the sea. Its deep sea is reknown by the colour blue and the transparency of the water. The sky is full of ever visible stars. Earth, sea and sky match the ever lively fire of the vulcano.

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