Centro Europa per la Scuola Educazione Società

Center for the continuous training in a European dimension

Course for European Trainers

The European dimension of Education

  1. Objectives
    1. Target
      1. Programme

      1. Objectives

        • Create awareness among educational operators and executives, on European questions in order to facilitate the innovation in the way of solving educational problems

        • Provide useful information in order to better utilize the resources offered by the comunitary organisms in the educational field.

      2. Target

        • executive and teaching personnel of state and private schools

        • Local Organizations amministrators with particular attention given to Educational Advisors

        • other Local Organizations personnel involved in educational activities

      3. Programme

        1. Introduction
          Presentation of the course Dott.Enrico M. Salati
          CESES Vice President, Researcher at the IRRSAE Lombardia
          To train for Europe Dott. Giovanni Polliani
          Ceses President
          Role of the regions in the construction of a citizens' Europe Dott. Ezio Munno
          Executive - Service for the Right to Education

        2. The Institutions

          The E.U. in Rome and Maastricht treaties Prof. Bruno Nascimbene
          Professor of European Community Law - Università degli Studi di Milano
          Functions, tasks and organization of the principal institutions in the E.U. Prof. Tito Ballarino
          Professor of International Law - Università di Padova
          Structure and comunitary offices in Italy - Competencies and modalities for access Prof. Gian Pietro Fontana Rava
          Director European Comunity Offices - Milano

        3. Political Modalities of Access

          European Union Ecomnomic policy Prof.ssa Simona Beretta
          Associate Professor of monetary economy - Università Cattolica di Milano
          Political prospectives for the European Union at the threshhold of XXI centuryOn. Roberto Formigoni
          President Region Lombardia
          Citizenship in the European Union Prof. Giorgio Bocca
          Faculty Member of Labour Pedagogy -Università Cattolica

        4. Projects and School

          Comunitary projects for schools and youngsters Dott.ssa Isabella Lenarduzzi
          E.C. Expert
          Socrates and Leonardo: why and howDott. Giovanni Polliani
          Citizens', students' and teachers' mobility Dott. Luciano Bognandi
          IRRSAE Lombardia Expert
          Esperiences and suggestions for their organization Dott.ssa Francesca Bertè
          IRRSAE Lombardia Expert

        5. Conclusions

          The Lombardia region for the construction of Europe On. Giancarlo Morandi
          President Lombardia Regional Council
          Conclusions Dott. Giovanni Polliani

        • Course Director : Dott. Enrico M. Salati