Centro Europa per la Scuola Educazione Società

Center for the continuous training in a European dimension

Study Seminar:

Intercultural Education as a condition for living together

Bolzano: 26 January 1996

  1. Target
    1. Exponents

    1. Target

      • School head teachers and teachers of all levels and grades

    2. Exponents

      • Authorities' speeches
        Bruna Visintin Rauzi
        Scholastic Superintendent
        Luigi Cigolla
        Provincial Assessor Public Instruction and Italian culture
        Tiziano Botteselle
        Comunal Assessor for Culture
        Franch Monica Debiasi
        Comunal Assessor School, Family and Leisure

      • Education for consumption: project for a trans-european education
        Mariano Melissano
        President of the ITI "Galilei" and Responsible for the Centro Tecnico Regionale di Ricerca sul Consumo Europeo (CTRRCE)

      • Operative procedures for access to Socrates
        Giovanni Polliani
        CESES President