Centro Europa per la Scuola Educazione Società

Center for the continuous training in a European dimension


IVth. European Congress
From the Theory to the Action of Educating for Europe

Experiences - Projects - Resources

Como/Moltrasio 24-27 April 1996
Grand Hotel Imperiale - Italy

  1. Presentation
  2. Organization
  3. Aims
  4. Target
  5. Conference Languages
  6. Registration and fee
  7. Programme
  8. How to participate
  9. Risultati attesi

  1. Presentation of the Congress

    CESES, a member of ATEE organization, is involved primarily with continuing education for teachers and scholastic executives, with particular reference to European issues: hence with interest in everything that concerns the problems in our continent. Over the years, the Association has promoted International study Conferences on training subjects:

    1993: "The European Dimension in Teacher Training"
    1994: "Challenges for the Twenty-first Century: The Role of School and Teacher in the Process of European Development"
    1995: "The European Dimension in Continuous Education for Teachers".

    On this occasion, CESES intends on comparing itself with other Agencies which are also interested in the intent of working together to create a European information exchange.

  2. Organization

  3. Aims

  4. Target

  5. Conference languages

  6. Registration and fee

    Registration forms together with fee payments must reach the CESES Central Secretary's Office by 15 March 1996:

    Via Pantano, 17
    Milano -
    Tel. 02-58306797
    Fax 02-58303800

    The registration fee, of 270 ECU, includes:

    Partecipants will be able to extend or to anticipate their stay at tha Grand Hotel Imperiale at special prices expressly arranged

  7. Programme
    24 April
    morning: Arrival and registration of partecipants
    afternoon: Welcome and inauguration of work sessions
    Key note addresses
    25 April
    morning: "Producing resources".
    Perspectives - presentation and exchange of experiences
    Plenary assemblies and Work shops
    afternoon: "Using resources"
    Attitudes - points of view - positions
    Plenary assemblies and Work shops
    26 April
    morning: "Assessing resources"
    Roles - agents - procedures
    Work shops and Plenary assemblies
    afternoon: Guided tour of villas on Lake Como of particular cultural and historical interest
    Gala evening at the Grand Hotel Imperiale
    27 April
    morning: Conclusion:
    Prospects of action and operation
    h. 11.00: Departure of participants

    Speeches will be given by particularly qualified experts from the European Union.

  8. How to take part

    1. Universities - Training Institutes and Schools in the European Union - Publishers - Educational material producers - Mass Media - are all invited to take part in the conference by sending a two-page summary, by January 1996, concerning important experiences in training for Europe, specifically referring to:
      • continuous teacher training
      • distance teacher training
      • experience in educating young people at various school levels
      • support instruments for education for Europe prepared by training Agencies
      • significant Socrates and Leonardo projects under way

    2. Complete material regarding the experiences reported must reach us by February 1996, if posible in French or English

    3. The scientific committee will reserve space in the informative materials, workshops and written proceedings for the most significant experiences received from the institutes and schools.

  9. Programme of action in order to implement the tools and resources aimed at educating for Europe.