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It is a little city full of history. Every corner of the city has its trace, which testifies the passing of the different civiliza tions:  the  Romans, the Byzantines, the Aragoneses. It  is  also sadly famous because of the sacrifice of the 800 martyrs made  by the Turkish in 1480. The historical centre is still in very good condition: its renowned  cathedral and the Aragonese castle, the harbour, which is  a port of shipment to Greece, Corfu and Igoumenitsa, and the touristic plants make it one of the most interesting cultural destination in Salento. The  North coast looks almost everywhere low and sandy with  wide pine-woods which are near the sea and quite lacking in  permanent buildings. The  availaibility of great room led to the realization  of  well organized and eqiuped touristic villages near the Alimini lakes.

Recommended itinerary: -  The town-walls with its turrets in which there is the  stately Porta Alfonsina. -  The Cathedral, raised in the 11th century, then  adjusted  and restored,  preserves  a  Gothic rose of the 15th  century  and  a baroque  portal; inside the basilica you can see on the  floor  a precious Mosaic of 1166, which has a great iconographical meaning (under repair). The very wide crypt (11th century) has  variously decorated capitals on the 42 pillars, which divide 5 aisles,  and remains of Byzantyne frescos. - S.Peter, little church in Byzantine style (10th-11th century), has a Greek-cross plan and a cylindrical cupola supported by four central pillars. -  The  Aragoneses' Castle (1485-98) rises in a  high  position, with  cylindrical  turrets, and it was fortified by  the  Spanish (now under repair). .


S.S. 16 Brindisi - Lecce - Maglie - Otranto.


Hotel Degli Haethey - Via F. Sforza, 33 - 73028 Otranto. Tel. 0836/801548 Fax. 0836/801576


- Local Tourist Office Via Rondachi, 8 - Tel. 0368/801436 LOGISTICAL SERVICES: - Public Transport Society in the Area of Otranto Via Imbriani -


- 13th-14th-15th August: SS Martyrs feast, a re-evocation of  the slaughter made by the Turkish in 1480. -  July:  craftsmanship-exhibition: weaving, wrought  iron,  wood works, embroldery.


- Town Hall of Otranto Via Basilicata, 10 - Tel. 0836/8016