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Jewish and Medieval Rome

Rome jewish community's history begins a long time back, in the year 139 BC, when a presence is first recorded, the oldest established in western Europe. The community first settled in the district of Trastevere, moving later across the river, to the area that in the late middle ages was to become the Ghetto. It's a lively part of the medieval city with narrow streets, interesting roman remains, old homes, aristocratic palaces and a beautiful Sinagogue with its museum of the community. From the old ghetto we move to the nearby areas of medieval Rome to the district of Campo de Fiori, with pictoresque market stalls, Palazzo Spada with Borromini's amazing perspective, Piazza Farnese, with its fountains and magnificent palace and finally, along narrow streets, lined by antique stores, to breathtaking Piazza Navona, with Bernini's fountains, sidewalk painters and outdoor cafes. A visit to catch Rome genuine spirit. Aracoeli
Piazza Navona
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  • 1-4 participants US$ 200.00 (total) 3hrs tour
  • additional participant US$ 25.00
    (maximum 4 additional)
  • additional hour US$ 50.00
  • admission to Jewish Museum US$ 5.00
  • rates do not include transportation
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