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Rome of the Caesars

step back into antiquity during a 3 hours stroll through the Roman forum, the fora of Ceasar Augustus and Trajan, the Capitol, Colosseum and Palatine hill and let the magic of ancient Rome cast its spell. Marcanthony on the rostra, the stones of Ceasar's cremation site, assembled senators in the Curia, vestal virgins meditating in the romantic surroundings of their home and the eternal fire burning in Vesta's temple, Cicero's flaming oratory in the roman basilicas, generals and their legions thriumphal processions under the solemn arcs of the Via Sacra, emperors in their majestic Palatine hill palace, the wild atmosphere of gladiators games in the Colosseum, will all seem to materialize.
Easy to let imagination carry you trough an exciting journey to history.
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  • 1-4 participants US$ 200.00 (total) 3hrs tour
  • additional participant US$ 25.00
    (maximum 4 additional)
  • additional hour US$ 50.00
  • admission fees to Colosseum US$ 6.00
  • rates do not include transportation
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