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Baroque Rome

The age of Bernini, Borromini, Pietro da Cortona. A love of light and colours, a desire to stupefy and overwhelm, plus a taste for the spectacular and the theatrical. 17th century Rome, a stageseter dream experienced as walking along narrow streets we suddendly find the open spaces of fountain decorated piazzas. Amongst several masterpieces, our itinerary covers Bernini's Cornaro chapel and St.Teresa's Ecstasy in Santa Maria della Vittoria, St. Susanna, Rome American community's church, and its beautiful frescoes, Borromini's graceful movement in San Carlino with its splendid cloister, and again Bernini's spectacular St Andrea, with its unique cupola, the Barberini palace, the Triton and Api fountains of the Piazza Barberini, the two angels of St Andrea delle Fratte, the Barcaccia fountain, the Spanish Steps. A tempting glimpse of exclusive designers and jewellers shopwindows, prior to the conclusion of our walk through the glory of baroque Rome with the magnificent sight of the Trevi fountain.
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  • 1-4 participants US$ 200.00 (total) 3hrs tour
  • additional participant US$ 25.00
    (maximum 4 additional)
  • additional hour US$ 50.00
  • rates do not include transportation
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