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half day tour to one of Italy’s largest and most important archaeological sites.
suitable for children

Enjoy an amazing archaeological site, ignored by organized mass travel. Once river and sea port of ancient Rome, Ostia Antica is a beautifully preserved example of an ancient city. Founded in the 4th century B.C., grew to become the empire prominent port. Strolling, shaded by pine trees and evergreens, see remains of temples, thermal baths, fishmongers, wine taverns , synagogues, early Christian churches, apartment blocks. Step on the original ancient paving as you walk along the city main street lined by warehouses and store premises. See beautifully preserved original floor mosaics in the Baths of Neptune. Visit the impressive market square overlooked by the 2nd century theatre, where performances are still staged in summer, and see the sites of merchants premises with interesting store front mosaics. Visit the huge thermal baths with amazing examples of ancient time hydraulic engineering and be amused seeing a nicely preserved public latrine and its efficient plumbing. See the city’s Forum and its temples, basilica and city hall. Climb original steps to the top of a residential block and enjoy a roof top view of the city center. See a tavern with the original counter, benches and outdoor garden and stroll along side streets visiting the interior of a bakery seeing original mill stones and ovens. Visiting the small beautifully laid out archaeological museum, whith sculptures, mosaics and ornaments you will grasp the lifestyle of Ostia Antica’s inhabitants.

tour includes:

chauffeur driven airclimatized limousine transportation
English speaking guide lecturer
admission fees

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4 to 6

7 to 14





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