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Magic of Ancient Rome
Pantheon – Capitol – Forum – Palatine - Colosseum

private indepth walking sightseeing tour of archaeological Rome

covering all of ancient Rome important archaeological monuments as well as the social political religious economical aspects of life in ancient Rome
not suitable for young children
group size: the size of your party

4/5 hours in depth tour through Rome important archaeological sites.
Visit the Pantheon, oldest building of ancient time, see the site of Caesar’s assassination and the old Jewish ghetto, Climb Campidoglio, most sacred of Rome’s seven hills, for a breath taking panoramic view of the Forum. In the Roman Forum walk by the Temple of Saturn and visit the Curia, Senate of ancient Rome. See imposing basilicas, stop by Caesar’s cremation site. Stroll along the Via Sacra, where legions once marched. See the temple of Vesta, the vestal virgins home and the massive ruins of the Basilica of Maxentius and Hadrian’s temple of Venus and Rome. Stop by the Arch of Titus and view its relieves depicting triumphal processions. Climb Palatine hill to its imperial memories. See the Domus Flavia,the Domus Augustana, a huge stadium and Circus Maximus, Visit the Palatine Antiquarium museums with fine exhibits of Roman and Greek art and a plastic model reconstruction of 11th century bc dwellings. Pass by the Arch of Constantine opposite ancient Rome most outstanding landmark, the Colosseum. Enter this amazing site of spectacular gladiators combats and gruesome executions for an extensive visit of both ground and upper structures.

private walking sightseeing tour of archaeological Rome

1 to 4: € 200,00
additional person: € 50.00
admission to Colosseums: € 10,00

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