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Ostia Antica: The wonder Harbor

(From April 1 to October 31: Sunday morning - 4 hours approx).
Not everybody realizes that, at only 20' from the Capital, an extraordinary archaeological site, as important and enticing as Pompeii, awaits us: the impressive excavations of Ancient Ostia. This was the city-harbour funded by ancient Romans, at the mouth of the Tiber, and which later was hidden by floods and oblivion at to our days. Its remnants are thus better preserved than in Rome itself and offer us an extraordinary testimonial of the Roman civilisation along its whole evolution. By walking trough the ancient roads we will plunge straight into the past everyday's life of a refined and dynamic city where the cult for arts and pleasures was sovereign. You will admire in fact the ruins of majestic public buildings, like temples, theatres, fora or basilicas as well as of the private ones, like houses, shops, inns, workshops etc., ranging from the sumptuous to the humblest. Particularly attractive are the famous mosaics of the 12 thermal baths and of the various harbour offices (Corporations Square). A further bonus: archaeology spared the whole area from modern artefacts turning it into a delicious natural oasis, constantly cooled by healthy see breezes.
DEPARTURE from Appian Line Terminal at 8.30 am approx.
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