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Saint Valentine the Patron of Love

According to a legend, born in Anglo - Saxon countries, St Valentine used to give the young girls and boys going and seeing him a flower of his garden. Two of these young people fell in love with each other and got married. St Valentine blessed their marriage and their union was so happy and serene that many other couples wanted the Saint Bishop to bless their marriage.
In order to satisfy the numerous demands, he fixed a day of the year in which he gave all couples his general wedding blessing. For this reason he began to be called protector of engaged people.
Moreover the popular tradition hands down the legend of SABINO and SERAPIA. It enphasizes that love is much stronger than death, when it binds two people in God's name.
Sabino, a pagan roman, centurion and a Christian girl, Serapia, fell in love with each other, but their parents impeded their union because of the persecution of the christians.
However they went in loving each other and Serapia's words and behavious won Sabino who began to be interested inthe Christian religion so that at last he asked to become a member of the Christian community. St Valentine explained the mysteres of christian religion to him, took care of them and prepared them for a christian marriage. Everything was ready for the baptism and marriage, when Serapia got phthisis. It was the end of a dream. Sabino didn't want to leave his loved Serapia. So he asked the Saint Bishop to baptize him, marry them and pray God to let them die together. And it happened.

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