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Bishop, Martyr and Patron of Terni

Saint Valentine was born in Terni, a prefecture of Rome, about in 175 A.D., during Marcus Aurelius' Empire. In 197 A.D., during the pontificate of Pope St victor I, he was consacrate bishop of Terni and of the Christian communities of Nera Valley by St. Feliciano, bishop in Foligno. He was a saintly life characterized by a fervent pastoral zeal and extraordinary miracles, among which we have to mention the immediate healing of a young student, Cheremone, the son of a famous philosopher, Cratone. During Emperor Aurelianus' persecution, the pious bishop was taken, imprisoned and flagellated by order of a roman prefect, Placid Furius. At last he was behated on the 14th of February in Rome, on the Via Flaminia, a road which linked up the Empire's capital and Terni. The execution was carried out during the night in order to avoid riots and acts of retaliation of the people living in Terni, who loved and worshipped their bishop and famous fellow - citizen very much.
After being exhumed from the cemetery in Via Flaminia, on the initiative of his disciples Proculus, Efebus, Apollonius, St Valentine was carried to Terni and buried out side the town walls.