TRAVEL.IT was founded by a team of tourism experts and since 20 years has been one of the most important website concerning information services and online reservations for the traveller who wants to visit Italy.

TRAVEL.IT offers all the necessary information and public interests concerning Italy in a unique website. In the "destination pages" you can find information on monuments, restaurants, shopping, museums, taxi services, hospitals, besides embassies, suggested itineraries and much more.

Not only… thanks to a series of new integrated services TRAVEL.IT also offers the opportunity to plan and book trips to the Italian customers in any other part of the world.

Moreover, thanks to preferential agreements with the most important companies of the field, it is possible to gain access to the major sites of online reservations remaining always and comfortably in a single environment, sure that the reservations will be exactly the same or with better conditions than surfing among the different sites individually.

TRAVEL.IT adds no additional commissions therefore rates in most cases reflect the best price on the market, with the guarantee offered by the companies participating in the program, carefully selected for their quality of services.

TRAVEL.IT aims to offer all the consulting and booking services in a single site by optimizing the “Customer Experience” with all the other information useful to compose the perfect stay, whether it is a business or a leisure journey.

Whatever they are general information, hotel or flight bookings, car hire, excursions or travel insurances, TRAVEL.IT wants to represent the perfect and faster solution to meet the needs of the most demanding customer who does not want to lose time in long searches through the numerous offers available today in the online marketplace.


Why Choose Us

In just one site Travel.it offers all the tools to plan a trip to Italy and to other international destinations, being able to access general travel information and multiple reservation services.


Best Price

As far as possible Travel.it undertakes to select the best or the most qualitative rates in the market through preferential agreements with the best partner of the online marketplace.


Travel Insurance

Travel.it undertakes to offer customized travel insurance solutions with the aim of making your stay comfortable and without accidents anywhere in the world, thanks to our selected companies.


Need Help?

For any information about our services or to have general suggestions regarding the proposed destinations you can contact us at the email address customers@travel.it