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Tabiano, just 4 kilometres from Salsomaggiore Terme is renowned for the centres specialising in the treatment of respiratory and ear diseases and is the recognised sulphur capital. Its sulphurous waters are among the richest in sulphurated hydrogen, which, together with a high content of other elements (carbonates, calcium and magnesium sulphates), allows for the achievement of excellent results. Sulphur, which is the main element of these waters, is very similar to the essential components present in the cells of human tissues and organs. This is the secret: the Tabiano waters are so effective because they interact in a correct and natural way with the organism. From March 16th to December 15th the Emilio Raspighi establishment is in operation while the spa department of the Astro Hotal operates during the winter months. A team of specialist doctors is always present to attend the patients, with a modern well-equipped diagnostic surgery at their disposal. In diseases of the respiratory system (bronchi, nose and throat) and of the ear, the inhalatory treatment of the Tabiano Spa acts as a preventive measure against a worsening of the condition or to help recovery after an inflammatory relapse. Every year thousands of children come to stay in the modern Centre for Research and Documentary Evidence on Infantile Secretory Middle-ear Othitis of the Tabiano Spa (O.M.S.I. Centre). This is an up-to-date paediatric department, the only one of its kind in the Italian spa centres, whose activities range from university research to international congresses and to theoretical refresher courses for paediatric specialists. The Tabiano Spa is also renowned for its Centre which specialises in voice treatment; it is attended by actors, people in show business and television, lawyers, teachers, and all those people whose jobs depend on their voices and especially opera singers wishing to improve their artistic vocality. The Tabiano waters are also useful for curing skin diseases, burn lesions and metabolic alteration particularly that of hepatic origin. Perhaps not many people are aware that the Emilio Respighi spa establishment dates back to 1842, when it came into being as a healing centre for skin diseases, and a dermatological centre still operates today, employing competent and expert medical and paramedical staff; here treatment is carried out in the main skin complaints, such as excematous dermatitis, various forms of acne and even psoriasis sufferers get real benefit from the treatment. At Tabiano, drinking-water treatment is applied especially in various dysmetabolic cases (diabetes), helping to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and to neutralise the free radicals of the oxygen which speed up the human ageing process. Tabiano Spa has created a cosmetic line based on the spa waters and called "Tabiano Terme"; this makes use of the re-balancing, soothing, sebum-regulating action of the sulphurous water achieving marked skin-healing effects. the Tabiano water is bottled in 1 litre glass containers for a maintenance treatment to be carried out at home.

Address: Viale delle Terme 32 43030 Tabiano (Parma)Tel.: 0524/565731 Fax: 0524/565326

Open: all the year

Waters: sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium-magnesian, strong sulphide.

direct jet and environmental inhalations, aerosol-humages, ultrasonic nebulisation, micronised nasal shower, cures for rhinogenous deafness (inner-ear insufflations, vibrated crenotherapic Politzer), drinking-water treatment, balneo-therapy and respiratory rehabilitation.

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