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Although Castel San Pietro spa was renowned in the past for its specialisation in mud therapy, today the inhalatory treatments far outnumber those former. Castel San Pietro is situated at the centre of a system of rapid communications, and its nearness to Bologna (only 10 minutes on the motorway) and the driving force of the tertiary sector with the Fair, the University and the Congress centres has reinforced its tourist-spa vocation. The sulphurous and sodiobromidiodic mineral waters gush out on the left of the river Sillaro. The mud is obtained by soaking the clay extracted from the old quarries at San Martino in Pedriolo in sodio-iodic water and then undergoes particular refining treatment.The money which has been spent recently has gone mainly in the rehabilitation field. In fact the new physical therapy departments have been restructured, and the unit containing three thermal swimming pools specially designed for rehabilitation and vascular circuits; these improvements make the Castel San Pietro Spa a leader in the sector. Another valuable cure is balneotherapy with hydro-massage. The concept of well-being is in line with treatments of rehabilitation, prevention and fitness which are concentrated in the fitness centre where he problems of obesity, cellulite, acne and capillary ectasie are studied, under the ever present medical control of a specialist staff.

Address: Viale Terme 1113 Castel San Pietro Terme (Bologna)Tel.: 051/941247
Fax: 051/34861

Open: from February to November

Waters: sodiobromidiodic, sulphurous

all inhalatory treatments and those for rhinogenous deafness, lung ventilation, sulphurous and sodio-iodic mud and baths, hydro- massage, massaotherapy, physiotherapy and motor rehabilitation (special unit with rehabilitative thermal swimming pool), vaginal and rectal irrigations, aesthetic treatment, gum irrigations.

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