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A new centre for the rehabilitation and well-being of the body and mind, annexed to the ancient Salvarola Spa, on the hillside three kilometres away from Salvarola in the province of Modena.The main novelty of the thermal establishment is the construction of the new block which will come into operation in the spring of 1997. The new centre aims to enrich and complete the curative services by considerably widening the existing fitness sector and advancing in the field of psycho-physical re-activation.The building will cover an area of about one thousand square metres. It will house two gymnasiums occupying a total area of 180 square metres, a 360 square metre wing with three swimming pools at different temperatures for programmes of movement rehabilitation, relaxation and fitness, a Roman bath, sauna and the transfer and improvement of the present aesthetic and phisiokinesitherapy units.This project will mean an improvement in the establishment's thermal activities.Salvarola Spa specialises in inhalatory and respiratory therapy, particularly for cases of rhinogenous deafness.There are three types of water: a sulphurous water for tube insufflations and inhalatory treatment, a sodiobromidiodic one for children's respiratory complaints, rheumatism, osteoarthrosis and post-trauma conditions. and lastly there is the sulphur magnesian water which helps to combat constipation and dyspepsia.A few metres away from the spa there is the 4-star hotel and restaurant.Many are the benefits of the sulphurous water with inhalations and inner ear insufflations; and of the Salvarola mud which is obtained by soaking the fine clay dust of the Sassuolo hills in sodiobromidiodic water, not forgetting the sulphur-magnesian Alfonsina water which is very effective in drinking-water treatment.

Address: 41049 Salvarola Sassuolo (Modena)Tel.: 0536/872115 Fax: 0536/873242

Open: from February to December

Waters: sodiobromidiodic, sulphurous, Alfonsina: sulphur-bicarbonate-magnesian, mud soaked in sodiobromidiodic water - the spa's cosmetic products.

inhalatory, nasal showers, rhinogenous deafness, lung and gynaecological ventilation, drinking-water, mud-bath-therapy.

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