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Health, relaxation, fitness, vitality, tranquillity, beauty. A slice of all this may be enjoyed at the Tommasini Spa. Situated at the heart of Salsomaggiore Terme, the Tommasini Spa Hotel allows for a pause for relaxation and sport in the private 40,000 square metre park of centuries-old trees. For the more enterprising Salsomaggiore offers swimming pools, tennis courts, a golf course, gymnasiums, athletics tracks, bowling alleys, bowling green and, for horse-riding enthusiasts, modern stables with riding school and the chance to go on an interesting and romantic guided trip to visit the many castles in the neighbourhood. Those who want to spend an active holiday in the search for health and physical fitness, have chosen the ideal place. At the Tommasini Hotel well-being is the household word. All treatments are done with the use of the Salsomaggiore sodio-iodic waters which belong to the mineral water group in the true sense of the word, classifiable into the salt water group for their sodium content, and into the sodiobromidiodic variety for the presence of bromine and iodine. They are cold hypertonic waters which gush out of the wells at a temperature of 16C and have a density of 16 degrees Baum, which corresponds to about 11 grams of salt per litre. This is the highest density ever found in natural waters. The Salsomaggiore waters are also those with the highest percentage of bromine and iodine. They are also rich in ferrous salts which make the waters cloudy and give them their typical rusty colour. The sodio-iodic mud that is deposited on the sides of the water-collecting tanks has absolutely incomparable therapeutic properties for the whole body. The treatments re-balance all the functions of the organism, helping to eliminate in a natural way arthro-rheumatic, respiratory, gynaecological affections as well as metabolic and hormonal dysfunction. An hour, a day, a weekend or a week at the Tommasini Spa Hotel are ideal for those who have to face a stressful life rhythm.

Address: Viale Corridoni 143036 Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma)Tel.: 0524/575041
Fax: 0524/575316

Open: from April to November


sodio-iodic baths, mud therapy, inhalations, aerosol- humage, pulverisation, nasal irrigations, vaginal irrigations, massage.

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