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The mineral water of the Salsomaggiore Spa is one of the saltiest to be found in nature. it was appreciated and used for the extraction of salt as far back as the pre-Roman age. It was the local Salsomaggiore doctor, Lorenzo Berzieri who, in 1839, first experimented successfully with the therapeutic properties of this water. From the on these waters have been used in the prevention and cure of many arthro-rheumatic, gynaecological and respiratory complaints, for circulatory and aesthetic problems (cellulite).The urban development of Salsomaggiore and its coming into being as a spa town gradually came about through time spans which, from the origins of the little salt town, took the form of that neo-bourgeois entrepreneurial design which, in the first decade of this century, strengthens its image as "Ville d'eaux" at an international level. By experimenting with the Liberty-style architectural language, the city has found its identity mark which, for more than half a century has characterised the social habits and customs of the refined Žlite who normally attend the spa. At the beginning of the 20th century, work was begun on the construction of the spa establishment "Lorenzo Berzieri", a sumptuous monument of thermal art Deco with the elaborate decorations of Galileo Chini. It was inaugurated in 1923 and still today it accommodated the numerous spa lovers. The 70s saw the inauguration of the Zoia spa, a modern functional structure, work of the architect Franco Albini, within the bounds of the Mazzini Park. These two structures can carry out as many as 15,000 treatments a day. At the Zoia Spa there is a Centre for aesthetic medicine working full-time on a particular anti- cellulite treatment using the sodiobromidiodic waters with extremely high saline density (150 grams of salt per litre). This treatment is proving a great success and is becoming the trademark of this thermal station.Salsomaggiore is about 32 kilometres from Parma and 100 from Milan and Bologna, has good road and rail connections, and is within easy reach of national and international airports.The Salsomaggiore Spa Company, owner of the two establishments, also owns two large hotels with internal spa treatments: the Grand Hotel Porro and the Hotel Valentini which are situated in a private 60,000 square metre park with an indoor thermal swimming pool. The guests who stay at these two hotels can take advantage of special "package" stays with reduced rates for treatments: the "Spa beauty week" with anti-cellulite programmes, the "fitness week" with traditional treatments and the "relaxation week". All these programmes offer thermal and aesthetic treatments, as well as gymnastics and sporting activities.There is also the "green week" which provides for free time activities; for golf fans the use of the green is free. Still within the thermal framework there is Villa Igea, a clinic for functional rehabilitation staffed by a team of specialist doctors. Due to their sodium content, the Salsomaggiore mineral waters belong to the sodiobromidiodic variety of salt waters, for the presence of bromine and iodine; they are cold hypertonic waters which come up from the 800 to 1,200 metre deep artesian wells at a temperature of 16 and a saline density three times greater that that of the Dead Sea (16 Baum degrees, which corresponds to about 150 grams of salt per litre of water).Since 1920, the Pharmaceutical Chemical Institute of the Salsomaggiore Spa has been producing famous salts for inhalations and irrigations, and has also created a line of natural cosmetic products based on the active principles of the sodiobromidiodic waters. These products can be bought at the two spa premises, at the Palazzina Warowland and at all good Italian chemist's.

Address: Via Roma, 9 43039 Salsomaggiore Terme (Pr)Tel.: 0524/578201 Fax: 0524/576987 Free phone: 1678/31685

Open: all the year

Waters:sodiobromidiodic hypertonic.

baths with hydromassage, ozone, micro-bubbles, mud baths, inhalations, humages, pulverisation, nasal irrigations, inner ear insufflations, vaginal irrigations and areosol, oral balneotherapy, aesthetic medicine, anti cellulite treatment and movement rehabilitation.

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