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We are in Romagna, at Riolo, in the low valley of the river Senio, fifty kilometres from Bologna and Ravenna. We are in the town of the waters. The Riolo Spa, situated in an "end- of-the-century" building, offers waters renowned for their therapeutic qualities in treating complaints of the respiratory tract. Breta, Vittoria and Margherita are the names given to the limpid health-giving waters. Sulphurous water and sodio-iodic water are valuable for the treatment of complaints of the digestive system, as well as for the skin. The mud from the Bergullo mud volcanoes, a real panacea, helps in the cure of arthritis, rheumatism, muscular contractures and consequences of traumatic fractures. A great deal of money has been invested in the centre to make its spa amenities even more efficient: the Liberty-style Oriani building houses the surgeries and reception. The sectors for the treatment of the respiratory apparatus (nerve centre of the establishment), the ear-nose and throat sector for the treatment of rhinogenous deafness, and the "Terme Bimbo" (Children's Spa) are the three pearls of Riolo Terme. The health and beauty centre is well equipped, with its big thermal swimming pool, the sodiobromidiodic water rehabilitation pool, the vascular circuit and the mud and massage department. The benefits obtained from the beauty centre treatment can be maintained with the use of Riolo Bagni Spa cosmetic line.

Address: Via Firenze 1548025 Riolo Terme (Ravenna)Tel.: 0546/71045 Fax: 0546/71605 Free phone: 1678/61363

Open: from April to December

Waters: sulphurous, sodiobromidiodic, sodium chloride, virgin mud from the Bergullo mud volcanoes.

pulverisation, inhalations, thermal areosol, humage, nasal irrigation, inner ear insufflations, lung ventilation, mud baths, spa water swimming pool, balneotherapy, bath hydro-massage, massage, kinesitherapy, gymnasium, aesthetics drinking-water treatment, rectal showers and vaginal irrigations.

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