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This is one of the few centres in Italy specialising in therapeutic treatments using sea water.It is Rimini's Thalassotherapic (2,850 hotels in the whole of the province and 1,404 in the town itself). A tradition which, in the Adriatic city, is lost in time, seeing that the hydrotherapeutic centre was already active back in 1875.The present Thalassotherapeutic began its activity in 1976. Sea and treatment are practically twins. On the other hand, water, sun and sand are the three magic words that conjure up dreams of relaxing on the edge of the Adriatic Sea.The business strategy aims to make the Centre become more and more specialised in the treatment of health and fitness, and this is why the investment programme includes reorganization work for a cost of three billion lira.The present specialities of Rimini's Thalassotherapic are the sand baths, balneotherapy, rehabilitation, vascular treatment, inhalatory cures (for complaints of nose, ear, respiratory tract and throat) and aesthetic treatment. The plans in programme include the restructuring of the sand bathing department, where the aim is quality, and also for the development of the new sports centre.It is very well known as a centre for marine cures, and offers balneotherapy and massophysiokinesitherapy. The massophysiokinesitherapy constitutes a valid support to the thalassotherapy, completing the rehabilitation action. The Republic of San Marino might soon make use of the Thalassotherapic for its facilities and beach area.

Address: Viale Principe di Piemonte 56 Miramare di Rimini0541/370505 Fax: 0541/378575

Open: all the year

Waters: marine sodio-iodic

inhalations, baths, mud baths, massophysiokinesitherapy, hydrokinesitherapy, rhinogenous deafness, thermal aesthetics.

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