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At Riccione, only a short distance from the Adriatic Sea, gush out four thermal waters, rich in mineral salts (sulphur, iodine, bromine, sodium, chlorine and magnesium), noble and precious elements bringing health and fitness. The waters come to the surface inside the splendid 45,000 square-metre park after a long 400 year underground journey; a journey which enriches the waters with the noble therapeutic elements. Continuous medical research and an advanced technology allow for the use of sulphurous waters and mud as therapeutic and preventive remedies for many diseases affecting the respiratory tract, the skin, the liver, the intestine the gynaecological apparatus and osteo-articular system. The most advanced thermal scientific research not only has confirmed the validity of these ancient natural curative methods, but it also puts forward an advanced therapeutic and aesthetic methodology created and patented by the Scientific Research Centre of the Riccione spa: the mud is velllutated and activated with infrared rays or is left to dry in the sun. This treatment helps to delay the ageing of the skin cells bringing beneficial effects to the skin and the articulations at the same time. It is the latest and most up-to-date solution that fits into a series of health and fitness programmes that meet the needs of every single guest.In fact, for the Riccione spa it wasn't enough to take care of the physical health of its guests: it wanted to offer them the right balance between spirit and body: this explains the coming into being of the Oasis.The Oasis represents one of the most important units for the health and beauty of the body, born from the medical experience of Riccione spa and the professional nature of "Dibi", a leading company in the sector of cosmetics and applied aesthetics.Under the guidance of specialist doctors and following an up-to-date diagnostics, personalised programmes are drawn up with a wise fusion of spa treatments (mud, swimming pool, hydro circuits), electro-medical equipment for treating unsightly flaws caused by cellulite and bad circulation, specific programmes of movement in the gymnasium and swimming pools with differentiated temperatures.

Address: Viale Torino 1647036 Riccione (Rimini)Tel.: 0541/602201 Fax: 0541/606502

Open: all the year

Waters:sulphurous, sodiobromidiodic and magnesian.

inhalatory, drinking-water, rhinogenous deafness, mud therapy, vellutinous mud, balneotherapy, massotherapy, gynaecological treatment, aesthetic treatment, movement re-education, vascular circuits.

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