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Punta Marina is the spa establishment of Ravenna, born in 1965 as a Thalassotherapic centre making use of the benefits of sea water, until in 1991, after long geological research, a sodiobromidiodic magnesian calcic water was discovered in the area of the Punta Marina Spa. The spring is at a depth of 42 metres and is completely separated from the sea water and from its coastal infiltrations by thick layers of clay.There is one characteristic that makes the Punta Marina water "special": this is the high percentage of magnesium, so high that it comes into the restricted circle of the category of really magnesian waters. In 1994 the establishment underwent a radical reorganisation and enlargement with the addition of some new departments: thermal swimming pool with vascular circuit, rehabilitation gymnasium, rhinogenous deafness unit and, in September 1995, the new aesthetic medicine centre was opened. Today the Punta Marina spa uses its own sodiobromidiodic magnesian calcic waters and sulphurous water in bottles. The therapeutic effect of its water lies in its hypertonia: coming into contact, as they do, with the mucous membranes, the electrolytes released in a high concentration not only perform their own germicidal, codative, anti-allergic and mucous- regulating activities, but they also determine a return of liquids from the deep strata to the more superficial ones, thus making the secretions more fluid and easier to eliminate. This type of water seems ideal for the treatment of affections of the respiratory, gynaecological and osteoarticular systems. The Punta Marina spa has a swimming pool, a rehabilitation gymnasium and a well-equipped physiotherapy department, open all the year round; the spa is characterised by its rehabilitation treatment for cases of degenerative arthropathy.

Address: Viale C. Colombo 161Punta Marina Terme (Ravenna)Tel.: 0544/437222 Fax: 0544/439131

Open: from May to November

Gymnasium, swimming pool, physiotherapy and aesthetic treatment all the year.

inhalatory, inner ear insufflations, vascular complaints, physiotherapy, vaginal irrigations, massotherapy, skin treatment.

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