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Apennine Spas Porretta Terme

Surrounded by mountains clothed in a splendid vegetation of chestnut trees, pines, beeches and fir trees, for its height of about 400 metres above sea level, with its millenary establishments, Porretta is the absolutely perfect but rare combination of "fitness and holiday". The waters of Porretta, which gush out of the springs, pure and rich in mineral salts, restore the balance of the organism in a natural way. Drinking at the springs, breathing in vapours, bathing in the spa waters mean performing healthy activities that are as old as nature itself which, for millions of years has produced in its womb this medicine with inimitable healing properties. The Fitness centre of Porretta Spa offers weekly "packages" of complete personalised treatments to restore the beauty which comes from being fit. According to individual needs the cycle of treatments may include: general check-up, spa cures, aesthetic treatment, face-mud packs, biolifting and body peeling. It is important to allow oneself a pause devoted to personal beauty and fitness, thus making a break in the humdrum of daily life. The complete and effective treatments for the face and body synthesise the extraordinary properties of the spa waters and the tested experience of a staff of fitness professionals.

Address: Via Ranuzzi 2940046 Porretta Terme (Bologna)Tel.: 0534/22062-22055 Fax: 0534/24260-24055

Open: all the year

Waters: sulphurous, sodiobromidiodic.

respiratory spa rehabilitation, neuromotor spa rehabilitation, rhinogenous deafness, spa rehabilitation of arthropathy, gastro-enteric diseases, therapy for peripheral vascular complaints, skin treatment, gynaecological affections, fitness, thermal aesthetics with mechanical and manual treatment, as well as the use of cosmetic products created at the spa itself.

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