Spas in Romagna

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The Thermal Circuit.

More than three hundred thousand guests in 1995, two and a half million hotel bookings, a hundred billion in thermal turnover alone, eight hundred billion from related activities, two thousand five hundred people employed. That's the thermal circuit, which winds across the whole region, from Salsomaggiore to Riccione, and on its way meets spas of the hills, of the Apennines and of the sea. The twenty thermal centres of Emilia Romagna, concentrated in sixteen localities have a great deal to offer both touristwise and healthwise. The cultural, sporting and gastronomic opportunities which go alongside the Thermal Circuit proposals of the region represent a modern answer to the vast demand of tourism and sporting activities. As a matter of fact, spas are becoming a modern ecological industry based on the exploitation of the territory and able to determine strong policies of development of all the tourist activities. The Thermal Circuit aims to provide a high standard of the spas in terms of hospitality, technology, organization and efficiency, and to join forces with what the territory has to offer through proposals of holidays which cater for health, well- being and body care. Emilia Romagna the Land of Spas.