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A healthy life at the Cervia spa. The ancient city called Ficocle stood near the salt flats from which a precious mud is still extracted today and which is used by the spa both for the treatment of rheumatic complaints and for body beauty. Cervia's curative mud, one of the very rare examples of marine mud that exist in Italy, derived from millenary sedimentations, is among the richest in minerals and far above the percentage in ordinary mud.It also contains organic parts of sea water on the bottom and sides of the salt-collecting tanks. Equally precious is the "acqua madre" which, besides being rich in sodium chloride, magnesium salts, bromine, iodine, potassium and calcium, is also used separately for baths, irrigations and inhalations. Thanks to these natural elements, the Cervia Spa allows for a series of cures and treatments essential, not only for the successful solution to chronic diseases, but also to restore the body's efficiency and readiness needed to face today's stressful rhythm of life.The cocktail served in the shade of the Cervia Spa, maybe after a walk in the pine wood, the sweet reactivating in the warm embracing thermal swimming pool, or the active and passive gymnastics in the ultra-modern gymnasiuim to reactivate the movement and harmony of the body.A staff of specialists in ear, nose and throat complaints, gynaecology, physiatrics, orthopaedics and pneumology, offer the latest solutions to the problems related to their particular disciplines.One of the most active departments of the Cervia Spa is the Ear, Nose and Throat and Phoniatrics Centre, specialising in the diagnosis and cure of chronic phlogosis of the upper respiratory tract and of vocal complaints.An extremely varied and extended panorama of proposals, then, compared to the traditional treatments, answering the ever-increasing need for body care and well-being.

Address: Via Forlanini 1648015 Cervia (Ravenna)Tel.: 0544/992221 Fax: 0544/993140

Open: from April to November

Waters: sodiobromidiodic.

mud-balneotherapy, inhalatory, inner-ear insufflations and Politzer, lung ventilation, massotherapy, aesthetic treatments, vaginal irrigations, movement rehabilitation.

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