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In a green relaxing natural setting at the centre of the river Montone valley lies the little spa town of Castrocaro, which has already been spoken of as "the Green Heart of Romagna", gives one the chance to bathe in a relaxing and health-giving holiday ideal for getting back into perfect psycho-physical shape. Thanks to the therapeutic properties of the precious sodiobromidiodic and sulphurous waters used together with the most up-to-date scientifically proved curative techniques, the Castrocaro Spa has developed from 1843 up to the present day with the construction of three establishments which are now able to offer a wide range of treatment for the prevention and cure of numerous diseases with chronic tendencies. Highly effective is the sodio-iodic mud balneotherapy carried out using very particular naturally matured mud produced from "virgin clay" from the Bolga quarries and soaked in the water from the old well dedicated to Aristide Conti, the real pioneer in the development of the Castrocaro Spa. In the new Hydrokinesitherapy and Functional Re-education centre, equipped with gymnasium, physiotherapy department and therapeutic swimming pools, qualified staff perform every type of rehabilitative treatment. The medium grade sulphurous waters are particularly suitable for inhalatory therapies and are to be found in the characteristic Tempietto del Parco for drinking-water treatment. The sulphurous waters are also employed in the preparation of the very fine mud which is extremely effective in the eudermic treatments inside the brand new Thermal Aesthetic Cure Department.. This department, coupled with a pleasantly relaxing thermal swimming pool and every type of hydro-massage, does lymph drainage, aesthetic massage, and other treatments aimed at removing flaws in the face and body. a complete specialist medical assistance, personalised dietetic advice and gymnastics circuit in the 20 hectares of the Parco delle Terme, make a stay in Castrocaro Terme a real appointment with health and fitness.

Address: Piazza Garibaldi 5247011 Castrocaro (Forli')Tel.: 0543/767125 Fax: 0543/766768 Free phone: 168/017931 (office hours)

Open: from April to November

Waters:sodiobromidiodic-sulphurous, naturally matured mud.

arthrosis, post-trauma, periarthritis, fibro-myalgic rheumatism, phlebopathy, cellulite, inesthetisms, rhinitis, pharyngtis, bronchitis, rhinogenous deafness, vaginitis, adnexia, menopause complaints, constipation, acne and eczemas.

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