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Health, elasticity, physical appearance, which risk being spoiled by a sedentary life and eating habits, may be entirely recovered in the spa centre of Brisighella which takes on a historical hue every year from the end of June to the middle of July with the magic of the Medieval Festival. The spa establishment has a history, too, the first one going back to the nineteenth century. At present the spa, rich in sulphurous and sodiobromidiodic waters, is of value particularly for affections of the respiratory tracts. But that's not all. At Brisighella all spa cures can be practised: mud, baths and inhalations. The countryside around the spa is ideal for walks and jogging to restore body and mind.The establishment has all the most sophisticated equipment for the use of sulphurous and sodiobromidiodic waters. Inhalatory cures and treatment for rhinogenous deafness take first place, and there are also numerous indications for gynaecological complaints and chronic arthro-rheumatic forms.Among the specialist departments, the one for the treatment of children's respiratory diseases is worthy of note. Nor must mud-balneotherapy and massotherapy be forgotten.

Address: Viale delle Terme 1248013 Brisighella (Ravenna)Tel.: 0546/81068
Fax: 0546/81365

Open: from April to November

Waters:sulphurous, sodiobromidiodic.

baths with hydromassage, ozone, micro-bubbles, mud baths, inhalations, humages, inhalatory, rhinogenous deafness, mud-balneotherapy, massotherapy, macro- shiatsu treatment, plantar reflex therapy, aesthetic cures, prevention of cardio-vascular disease with personalised programmes.

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