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Fratta Spa is huddled on the hillside in the midst of the luxuriant greenery of the medieval borough of Bertinoro. Its name goes back to Roman times, while the buildings avail themselves of the most up-to-date techniques, making the most of the extraordinary richness and variety of the spa waters which, for centuries have offered its guests the most beneficial of holidays. In the 13-hectare spa park, the murmuring of the springs from which these waters gush rich in therapeutic properties accompanies guests as they go for long walks along the fitness routes enjoying a pleasant self-indulgence.There are seven springs of sodio-iodic-arsenical, chlorine-sodium, ferruginous and sulphurous waters with a high concentration of mineral salts so precious for the organism; they bestow a well-being that respects the very nature of a person. Baths, mud baths, massage and a department specialising in the treatment of the skin, cellulite, obesity, phlebitis and varicous veins, make of Fratta Spa the ideal place to get back into good shape in the most pleasant way, surrounded with great care in an atmosphere which offers not only the treatments but also many chances of relaxation and amusement which gratify the spirit too.

Address: Via Loreta 238 - 47030 Fratta Terme di Bertinoro (Forli')Tel.: 0543/460911
Fax: 0543/460473

Open: from April to December

Waters: sodio-iodic, magnesian, sodio-iodic-arsenical, chloro-sodium, ferruginous and sulphurous.

inhalations, irrigations, controlled lung ventilation, baths, mud baths, hydro-massage and drinks.

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