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On the edge of the national park of the Casentino forests, the S. Agnese spa unit, built within the historic town centre, merges with the nature that characterises the area of Bagno di Romagna. The water that "rains" into the S. Agnese establishment is a hyperthermal bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphurous mineral water which gushes out from the spring inside the spa institute itself at 45 degrees centigrade.Another type of water, the sulphurous mineral water, which spurts out at 12 degrees centigrade, is employed for inhalatory and rhinogenous deafness treatment. Health and beauty come from the water and anyone who wants a healthy holiday will certainly find all they need at the S. Agnese spa.There is also the health and fitness centre with applications of the original Rumanian Gerovital. The spa establishment is directly connected to the recently reconstructed 100-room hotel, with all amenities, frigo-bar, etc. Some of the rooms look onto the medieval Palazzo dei Capitani. The mud, the natural grottoes, the therapeutic baths and the thermal swimming pool are used for rehabilitation in the treatment of osteoarticulate diseases.The hydr&127;omassage, ozonized baths and vascular gymnastics are employed in the cure and prevention of peripheral circulation complaints. The massokinesitherapy department with gymnasium and rehabilitation centre for rheumatic sufferers form a qualified unit for neurological and movement rehabilitation.

Address: Via Fiorentina 1947021 Bagno di Romagna (Forli')Tel.: 0543/911018
Fax: 0543/911555

Open: from April to November

Waters: hyperthermal sulphurous-bicarbonate- alkaline, sulphurous.

inhalatory, rhinogenous deafness, thermal swimming pool, hydro-balneotherapy, mud therapy, peripheral vasculopathy, neuromotor rehabilitation, massotherapy, diet therapy, physiokinesitherapy.

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