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Bagno di Romagna, steeped in the green of the Apennines between Tuscany and Romagna 500 metres above sea level, lies on the E-45 Highway which links Emilia Romagna with Rome. Euroterme is in this paradise of waters, History and Forests. The 4-star hotel has all the modern amenities: rooms with colour TV and telephone, sun terraces, dancing, billiards, bowling greens, garden and swimming pool. Euroterme is also a complete health unit. The spa centre, with lifts connecting it to the Hotel, is classified by the Regional Health Authority as "Super Standard".The competent "Beauty and Fitness Centre" offers weekends and "package" weeks for slimming, antistress, anticelllulite, anti-ageing, etc.; in short, all that is needed to restore the well-being of body and mind. For sport enthusiasts Euroterme also houses the Medicine in Sport Centre, sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region. For those who want to be in still closer contact with nature, where freedom reigns supreme, there is the Ca' di Gianni farm; here time seems to have stood still: every day one can go riding, trekking, trout fishing, make excursions on foot and on horseback.

Address: Via Lungosavio 2 Bagno di Romagna (Forli')Tel.: 0543/911414 Fax: 0543/911133
Free phone: 0167/18372

Open: from April to November

Waters: bicarbonate, alkaline, sulphurous.

inhalatory, rhinogenous deafness, mud therapy, hydrobalneotherapy, massotherapy, thermal swimming pool, vascular cures, gynaecological cures, rehabilitation of respiratory and motor functions, physiokinesitherapy.

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