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S. Andrea Bagni Spa
Mineral waters for drinking-water therapy, balneotherapy and inhalatory treatment are all gathered in the same hydrothermal basin. S. Andrea Bagni Spa offers as many as eight different waters in the natural state catering for a wide range of drinking-water and thermal treatments. Medium Mineral Waters (bicarbonate alkaline, chloride -sodium, ferruginous- potassic, sodiobromidiodic, sulphurous-calcic) with biological-therapeutic actions in common with more specific types of water for each spring.A peculiarity of the S. Andrea Bagni Spa is the presence of a Centre for the diagnosis, prevention and cure of kidney stones and related diseases. Specialist doctors offer valuable dietetic and pharmacological advice for the prevention and treatment of nephrolithiasis..The check-ups should also be advised to people with a hereditary tendency for nephrolithiasis, high arterial blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hyperparathyroidism, gout, Paget's disease, osteoporosis, chronic constipation, drug-induced kidney damage.Drinking-water treatment: Alkaline mineral waters: Lidia, Ducale, Antica, Salus, Sulphurous-magnesian suitable for gastro-intestinal illnesses, hepatobiliary dyspepsia, nephrolithiasis and metabolic upsets. Chronic hyperchloridic gastritis, after-effects of cholecystectomy, chronic hepatopathy, diabetes, hyper-uricemia, hyper-tryglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia.Chloride-sodium waters: strong and weak purgative, suitable in cases of chronic constipation and spastic colopathy.Ferruginous- potassic waters: useful in cases of secondary sideropenia.Inhalatory treatment: jets, humages, environmental inhalations, nasal irrigations using sodiobromidiodic and sulphurous.-calcic waters.Balneotherapy: ozone baths, hydro-massage, vaginal irrigations using sodiobromidiodic and sulphurous-calcic waters .

Address: Piazza Ponci 43014 S. Andrea Bagni Medesano (Parma)Phone: 0525/430358

Open: from May to October

Waters: alkaline mineral waters, springs of Lidia, Ducale, Antica, Salus, sulphurous-magnesian, ferruginous-potassic.

inhalatory, jets, humages, environmental inhalations, nasal irrigations, balneotherapy, ozone baths, hydro-massage, vaginal irrigations, drinking-water therapy.

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