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Magna GreciaSiracusa

SIRACUSA: is the capital of Magna Grecia; it's situated in a wonderful position, in the bottom of an harmonious bay. In the past, itwas the antagonistic of athen for beauty and splendor. Colonised in VIII century b.c., it numbered about 300.000 inhabitants from V to IV century. In 485 , Gerone ( a tyrant), become the cheaf of the city. His brother protected poets and holds to his court Pindaro and Eschilo.
Dionisio was the most famous of Siracusian's tyrants: it made hang a sword on Damocle's head because of his fear; Damocle was an envious courtier of his happiness, he left never the castle of Ortigia; he wear a breastplate under his clothes and slept every night in a different room; he sold ,as a slave, platone who had came to study politic under his tyranny.
We advice you to visit:
-"Teatro Greco", one of the biggest of antichity, its gardens are excavated in the rock.
-"Orecchio di Dionisio", grotto-work with the form of a ear; thanks to the eco Dionisio could ear the speches of the prisoners.
-"P. Orsi"(archeological museum), a section is dedicated to greek colonisation, with sculptures, ceramics, architectonic frames and plasters of big santuaries.

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