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Magna GreciaAgrigento

AGRIGENTO: "the most beautiful town of the world" said Pindaro. Agrigento is situated on the side of a hill, it was founded in 580 b.c.from a population coming from Rodi. This town was dominated by tyrants, the most cruel have been Floride and Terone. Down town we find the grandious old remains along a hill called "Valle dei Templi"; nine of ten temples are today open to the public.
We advice you to visit:
- "Teatro di Ercole", the oldest.
- "Teatro di Concordia", the best preserved and the most majestic; built from 450 to 440 b.c.
-"Teatro di Giunone", it preserves a part of its wonderful columnate and architrave.
-"Teatro di Giove", quite totally destryod.It has been one of the most biggest temple in the antiquity.
-"Teatro dei Dioscuri", it holds only four columns with a remain in which appeal a little rose, symbol of Rodi.
-Archeological museum.
- Ellenistic quarter.
-Terone's tomb.

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