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TURIN : Our visit to Baroque could star from P.zza Castello, heart of urbanistic realizations made in '600. Palazzo Madama rises in the center of the square; its splendid face was realised by F. Juvarra. The palace is seat of the Civic Museum of ancient art.The bottom side of the square is hold by Palazzo reale built between 1646 and 1660. Inside the Dom is set the well-known "Chapel of Holy Sindom" built by Guarini. In the Chapel is kept the lax sheet that rolled up Jesus Christ's body at tha burial's moment. In Castello square thereis also the St Lorenzo church that reveals the masterpiece of Baroque genius: Mr Guarini. Among the pieces of work contained in the church there are: a sculpture representing the pity of Giovanni Tamone and the crucifixion of Andrea Pozzo. We advice you also to visit :" Corpus Domini" church,the palace of the city, seat of the Comun the Chapel of Merchants and Bankers's congregation, the church of Visitation, the notorious "Santuario della Consolata", "Carmine's church" and "St Teresa's church". St Carlo's square is the best conceived and realised surrounding in the city.It's delimited from palaces with portics: in this square are set also two baroque churches: St Cristina and St Carlo. We advice you also to visit the college of Nobles, that became seat of the big piemontese cultural institute; The sciences's Academic . Nowaday it gives hospitality to Egiptian Museum and to the Gallery of the House of Savoy, Palazzo Carignabo seat of the National Museum of the italian Renaissance.

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