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PALERMO: the baroque experience begins with the deep renewal of the urbanistic asset of the city, that gives life to:churches, monuments, palaces, squares and streets.The visit starts with Vigliana aquare, better known as "Quattro Canti": is a scenografic square, in which tha faces of palaces are adorned with balcons, frames and niches. The Baroque aspect is more clear in S. Domenico with the homonomous church; "S. Giuseppe" church holds magnificent decorations, carvings and gildings. "St. Teresa" and "St.Matteo" churches are rich in decoration and masterpieces.The "S. Gesł" church has a superb inside rich of splendid holy and masterpiece of XVII century. In "St. Caterina" church the dom appear to the caracteristic square Pretoria, it is adorned, inside, covered of polychrome marbles whwreare kept frescos, sculptures and pictures. Also to be visited are The oratories of S. Domenico, S. Zita, S. Lorenzo, all decored with fanciful plasters and statues made by Giacomo Serpotta.

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