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NEAPLES: the itinerary starts from the visit of "St Marino monastery" that rises in a wonderful position on the Vomero's hills, from which you can have a wonderful viws of the lower town and the Gulf.Inside the monastery there are visible many pieces of work like: on the sides, on the vault, in the chapel and in the sacristy, particullary in the Tesoro's chapel where it's possible to admire the fresco with"Trionfo di Giuditta" made by Giordano. Through the little cloister we can reach the bigger one.The monastry holds the National Museum of St Maria, that presents unknown sections such as the one dediacted to the grip; the picture-gallery contains masterpiece of great interess. In Neaples you can visit "Palazzo reale" made by Domenico Fontana between 1600 and 1602.Inside you can find the royal chapel, with the major altar made by Lazzari. The "Gesł Nuovo church" presents a lot of masterpiece of the Baroque time.In St Gaetano's square you find "S. Paolo Maggiore church" that holds inside the remains of a fresco made by Stanzione, showing the St Pietro and Paolo 's histories.Link from the apse there is the Firrao's chapel. One of the typical buildings of napolitan worship is represented by"St Maria delle Anime in Purgatorio" a church in which the faith is mixed with ancient popular believes. Inside the Dom we find tha spectacular S.Gennaro's chapel, from the rich marmorean decoration in which should be seen the sculpture masterpiece and the frescos of Domenichino. In thi chapel are hold the famous ampullas with the coagulated blood of S. Gennaro: here twice at year the belivers wait for the miracle: the liquation of the Riario Sforza's square rises the fanciful spire of S. Gennaro. We advice you to visit "S.Apostoli church", made by Francesco Grimaldi, holding the altar and many frescos.Other full-of-interest churches are: "S. Carlo dell'Arena","S. Maria dei Miracoli(full of pictures and a beautiful holy-water font), "S. Maria degli Angeli alle croci","Chiostro delle Clarisse", ecc.

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