Travel Info Italy

LECCE: the ancient part of the city is a bloom of marveillous frames, festoons, puttos and columns created by famous masters;the baroque of Lecce caracterise itself for The "Pietra leccese", a material fits for the artigianal working. The first step is the Dom, original of XII century and restructured in XVII century; all teh altars have something special and are also overloaded of ornamental elements; in the opposite square rises "Palazzo del seminario", with a rich face holding two windows and a wonderful central lodge with thre arches. The most renowned church is "S. Croce basilica" with a face that holds romantic elements compliting with baroque elements; the decoration of the altar is gorgeous. The contiguous "Palazzo del Governo" is well-known for the magnificent face; in Vitttorio Emanuele square we find "S. Chiara Church". Also tobe visited:"S. Matteo church","Chiesa del Carmine".

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