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CAGLIARI: Sardinian could absorb and work out the baroque language outside the island, integrating it with expressive local forms.sardinian knew late the baroque but it has an interessant production of it; the major example of the baroque in the island is "St. Michele"church realised by the Jesuit and adorned of spanish influence baroque motives. Numerous decoration are in wood and marble; wa advice you to visit, in the sacristy, the big picture "La Strage degli Innocenti" painted by Altomonte e Colombino. The "St.Chiara" church contains a plaster with pretty decoration, a beauty chair stall and a precious altar realised in gilty wood;in "St.Croce" church are kept numerous pictures of VIII century of spanish school. At last,but not least, we find the "S.Giuseppe" church built by Scolopi.

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